That's Over The Top: Giant Pennywise Biting Georgie's Arm Off Animatronic Halloween Decoration

March 26, 2018


This is a short video demonstration of the giant animatronic Pennywise biting Georgie's arm off (from the new IT, obviously) Halloween decoration recently on display at the TransWorld Halloween & Attractions trade show in St. Louis. Now that is a serious Halloween decoration. If you have this in your front yard you better not just be giving away full-size candy bars, you better be giving away full 36-count boxes or I will be back to TP your house later.

Keep going for the video while I speculate why Pennywise doesn't just go to McDonald's and ask his friend Ronald for a cheeseburger instead of running around eating children's arms.

Thanks to Hobuck, who agrees Georgie's kicking legs is really what makes it.

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