Thanks, Internet!: Old Computer Tutorial Video Edit Of Woman Repeatedly Saying 'Floppy Diskette'

March 27, 2018


This is an edit of an old Komputer Tutor video ('How To Avoid The 29 Biggest Computer Mistakes') of the host repeating 'floppy diskette' over and over, along with some 'disk drive' and other variations of 'disk.' Obviously, it's every bit as erotic as it sounds. "It doesn't sound erotic at all." That's correct.

Keep going for the edit, as well as the whole unedited video in case you actually want to avoid the 29 biggest computer mistakes (PROTIP: computers don't like soda).

Thanks to C Nasty, who agrees the real key to avoiding computer mistakes is ditching your computer and living off the grid. That's what I did. "Then how are you writing this?" MAGIKA.

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