Stephen Hawking Playing Poker On Star Trek

March 15, 2018


In honor of the late, great Stephen Hawking, here's a clip of his cameo from the Star Trek: The Next Generation season six episode 'Descent, Part 1', playing poker with Data and Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein (it's actually Data playing with holodeck simulations of the three). They discuss the curvature of space-time and Newton's apple story while Data and Isaac fold, then Hawking smokes Einstein (who was convinced he was bluffing) with four-of-a-kind, much to Albert's chagrin. Oh, that Stephen! I bet he changed the cards in his hand with his mind. Rest in peace.

Keep going for the video.

  • Carey Cummings

    Freaking brilliant! I'm sure Hawking had a great time doing this, even though making TV and movies is alot of waiting around most of the time.

  • Steve

    I believe he was the only person who's played themselves on Star Trek.

  • Phil

    Didn’t William Shatner do that for years?

  • TheQiwiMan

    Holy crap Einstein looks like a swamp monster!

    Good job, Makeup Department. Nailed it.

  • MustacheHam

    RIP Stephen Hawking.

  • Draco Basileus

    Hawking isn't really dead. He just no longer exists in this instance of reality.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Someone pressed alt+F4. Hit the power button to bring him back online.

  • Meh

    If anything his internet-accessible-mobilizer absorbed his consciousness.

  • Meh

    Sure he's dead and that's terrible. But honestly its not even close to the sadness of Michael Jackson's passing.

  • Bling Nye


    David Bowie, maybe.

  • Meh

    That was sad. But MJ was really sad.

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