Solving Problems With Problems: Questionable Defensive Car Tire Popping Device

March 12, 2018

This is a video demonstration of the Catclaw tire popping device, a small plastic bubble that exposes a sharp metal point when pressure is applied. Although, based on the video, you can apply enough pressure to expose the needle with your fingers, which means this thing is also capable of popping bike and mobility scooter tires. AND FEET. Could you image stepping on one of these things? My God. No, I'm afraid it's back to the drawing board for this idea. Well -- go on, get back to it. "You erased everything and drew a giant turd." FACT.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to shashi, who agrees this would definitely ruin your day way worse than stepping on a LEGO.

  • If you can push down the "bubble" with your finger, what's the point of even having it? Literally anything heavier than like a cats paw will expose the spike? I can't believe someone even wasted the money to make the prototype for this video. One kid trips and gets a spike through the skull? Brilliant.

    And this narrator on popping tires just because someone drives in front of a school?! That isn't a use case dude...

  • Nicholas Conrad

    Hey, anyone remember these?

    Fake spikes that look real to deter drivers without doing any actual damage. Seems much smarter than real spikes carefully hidden to ensure drivers have no idea they're about to block your driveway permanently!

  • GeneralDisorder

    How many time can you run that over before it turns to dust?

    It's a lot cheaper than a single removable bollard or about 1% of a powered retractable bollard or crash fence.

  • ShadowGryphon

    How about making the curbs higher?

  • Answer from the Catclaw company on their website:
    "The film above shows an ‘inert’ device, which is why I am able to activate it with my thumbs. The working prototype is rated to 200KG, but could be rated at a higher weight…we’re still in the process of testing"
    So no, no risk for pedestrians or bikes.

    + its first purpose is to be included in pavements near schools, so cars won't go on the pavement and kids are safe to walk without a car on their way

  • Isaiah Rockefeller

    Didn't realize this was so big of an issue.......

  • GeneralDisorder

    I'd prefer a nice visible bollard to a tiny invisible tire deflation device.

  • shashi

    agreed, can live with the nightmares

  • GeneralDisorder

    Jeez. Ouch. Dead eyed abominations.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    This is as bad as putting spikes on bench because of homeless people.

  • MustacheHam

    This is true. However others are smart to put some sort of bar. A lot less effort than maintaining a timed spiked thing.

    I guess those vertical bars in existence would be less of a pain and doubles as protections for buildings. They already to well to deter this type of behavior.

  • RaySmuckles

    This is exactly like when Charlie wanted to slash the tires of the RVs parked outside Paddy's Pub in the opening of the Great Recession episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  • Meh

    This is like the 2018 version of setting pooh on fire and ringing the doorbell. But then the really mean version.

  • PUNX

    this seems like a bad idea, does not look like it needs too much pressure for it to go down and people will start having holes in their feet. Also I seen where fire trucks and ambulance will need to go slightly off the road because cars are stacked up and people don't know how to clear the way.

  • Ursinos

    if you go to the youtube page for the video there is a link to a site with more information on them. the demonstration in the video is using a prototype. it states that the real thing would require the weight of a motor vehicle to depress the protective cap.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Woodhouse, find out where to buy caltrops.

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  • Andyman7714

    So now you got a car stuck in front of your place with a flat tire and a pissed off driver who may have anger management issues and a carry license? What could go wrong?

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