Sick Graphics Bro: Running Grand Theft Auto V On A $10,000 Gaming PC With A 4K, 60FPS Graphics Mod

March 29, 2018


This is a comparison video of gameplay from Grand Theft Auto V running on an XBox 360 compared to a current $10,000 gaming rig with a 4K, 60 FPS graphics mod. The difference is definitely noticeable. Although, to the XBox 360's credit, that console came out 13 years ago (almost the same amount of time between the 16-bit Super Nintendo and XBox 360). A lot changes in 13 years. Take me for example -- I have armpit hair and a deeper voice now. Still spend all on my allowance on LEGO sets and fireworks though.

Keep going for the video, as well as another showing off the computer's insane graphics.

Thanks to Ren, who agrees for $10,000 you might as well buy a used car and go play Grand Theft Auto in real life.

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