Samsung Creates Self-Hypnosis Website So You Can Forget Your Favorite TV Shows, Watch Them All Over Again

March 21, 2018


Unspoilme is a website created by Samsung that will guide you through a 23 minute self-hypnosis program so you can forget all about your favorite television shows and enjoy them all over again. Does it actually work? I have no clue, I was too afraid to click that disclaimer button. Besides, I already don't remember any of my favorite shows. I'm not even sure if I HAVE any favorite shows. "Are you okay?" Who's the man in my kitchen and why is the coffee table broken?

Thanks to Alex, who agrees the best way to forget something is to never experience it in the first place. *tapping head* Food for thought. "You're an idiot." Come on, that was at least a snack-size bag of chips. Also, somebody please do this and take it seriously and tell me if it works.

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