Road Rager Passes Undercover Cop On Shoulder, Immediately Gets Pulled Over

March 2, 2018

Note: Language, and a good amount of it. And I certainly don't condone all the things he says.

This is some dashcam footage from Pennsylvania of a driver who's unhappy with the time it's taking cars to merge onto the road, so he decides to use the shoulder to pass them all. SURPRISE: The white SUV was an undercover cop. It brought me great joy to watch because I can't even begin to count the times I've seen drivers do equally dumb shit and WISHED there was a cop around to bust them for it. The police are a lot like pens to me though -- they're never there when I really need one. Then when I don't need one because I'm just trying to set an enemy's house on fire in peace they're everywhere.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Sean F, who wishes for a million more videos just like this one.

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