Oh, You Know, Just A Wild Tarantula Speeding Up A Cyclist's Leg

March 30, 2018

Warning: Aragog.

This is a video from Vitoria de Santo Antao, Pernambuco, Brazil of a group of cyclists hanging out along a bike path when a giant tarantula quickly scales a rider's leg with the grace and speed of a giant tarantula. "Such vivid imagery." I'm a natural wordsmith. I'm sure this video probably gives some people a serious case of the willies, but as I've said before, spiders don't really bother me. Especially those cute little jumping spiders. "There's one on your shoulder." SET ME ON FIRE.

Keep going for the whole video, complete with the tarantula leaving to prepare to terrorize the next group of bikers.

Thanks to my buddy Dave L, who knows I'm not afraid of spiders because he's seen me capture them by hand and release them outside on numerous occasions during parties (why do our parties always have so many spiders anyways?)

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