Oasis's 'Wonderwall' Music Video Recreated In LEGO

March 28, 2018

This is a portion of Oasis's music video for their 1995 hit 'Wonderwall' recreated entirely in LEGO by Youtuber James Cawood. I remember that song! It really takes me back. I was barely 400 years old, still trying to earn my GED from Hogwarts via a correspondence program. I failed, but they still took my money anyways. "You're a Muggle." I'M NOT A MUGGLE. "Do something magical then." *wink* "What was that?" A spell of arousal. "Well it didn't work." It wasn't for YOU, good lookin'.

Keep going for the video, an interesting behind-the-scenes look, and the original for reference.

Thanks to K Diddie, for reminding us all to don't look back in anger, no matter how much you want to.

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