Master Criminal Crawls Around On Floor To Avoid Security Cams, Fails Miserably

March 14, 2018

I'm not sure if he doesn't understand how security cams work, or if he just likes pretending he's a worm (he's definitely a no-good rotten snake) but this is a video of a burglar in Brighton, Victoria, Australia repeatedly crawling around on the floor in an attempt to avoid detection by the home's security cameras/ possible motion sensors. No word if he's been caught since, but with Ocean's Eleven robbery skills like that there's no way he isn't ransacking a bank vault even as I type this. Oooooor in a holding cell awaiting his court date. *banging gavel* Trial by sharks!

Keep going for the video. Also, did he open a bottle of wine in the kitcken? And what the hell was he doing in the bathroom for nine minutes? Did he rip their shower curtain down?

Thanks to Tank, who prefers a much less subtle approach and will just drive right through the side of your house swinging his cannon around.

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