Man Transforms Roll Of Aluminum Foil Into Incredibly Sharp Knife

March 27, 2018


Move over, folded steel, because this is a video of knifesmith and Youtuber Kiwami Japan forging an incredibly sharp knife out of a roll of aluminum foil. How about that! I found the whole process incredibly satisfying to watch, especially half awake and mindlessly eating mini donuts. *shrug* It's how I live my life. "But are you really living?" Don't be jealous.

Keep going for the video while I seductively lick a candy cane into an eye gouger. Also, would it have killed him to add a little more cutting demonstration at the end of the video? I spent ten minutes of my life watching him make this thing and he only cuts a cucumber. I might leave a Youtube comment.

Thanks to hairless, who keeps himself clean shaven with a knife he forged from body hair. Sick but cool!

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