Man Keeps His Cool During Gorilla Charge In Jungle

March 2, 2018


This is a video of a man filming a family of gorillas when a large female gorilla lets out a roar and charges him (previously: a guy standing his ground against an elephant). Apparently he proved he wasn't a threat by remaining still, and the gorilla backed off. If you really want to prove you're not a threat? Poop your pants. It's like the universal language for 'I pose no risk to you.' Also, if you were wondering, apparently humans aren't the only animals who take offense to some dude hiding behind a tree in the woods trying to videotape their family.

Keep going for the video, but the charge is at 1:35. The rest is just run of the mill nature documentary footage.

Thanks to Happy Weekend, who I'm counting on after this hellish week.

  • NC2222

    At 2:30 that little gorilla pretends to charge, thumping his chest... doesn't scare the camera... smirks, then looks around , questioning in his mind "Did I do that right? I need to go study."

  • Doog

    Did that guy just reassure the gorillas he wasn't a threat by speaking some language they understood? Oh, there's at least one other person involved. For a minute I thought this guy learned the Gorilla Language and successfully parlayed a peace treaty during a gorilla charge, which would have been amazing.

  • That would be something special, considering I can't even get Google Translate to get German right.

  • TheQiwiMan

    I don't even know what language that guy was speaking, but I can still tell he's got a pretty strong American accent when he speaks it.

  • Doog

    Yeah, his English in the beginning sounds pretty American. I'm partly convinced the second language is some legitimate Gorilla Language.

  • GeneralDisorder

    That's racist. I mean, it isn't but somebody somewhere could take that out of context and try to get you fired from your job.

    That said, it wasn't Dutch, Arabic or French (which, all three of those would be widely understood in the African continent).

    It didn't sound like Swahili but it also didn't sound unlike Swahili.

  • Kaizer Chief

    Please, please don't confuse Afrikaans with Dutch... I've disemboweled people (and subsequently been fired from my job) for less serious offences. Anyway, not sure where this was filmed, but if it's in either of the Congos, then it could possibly be Lingala (although it could also be Swahili).

  • paperboy

    If somebody somewhere got me fired for a hilarious comment on the internet, I'd have no choice but to disembowel them.

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