Lady Smokes Cohost In Cotton Candy Eating Contest

March 23, 2018

This is a short clip from the Chinese game show 'I'm The Winner' of a lady smoking her cohost in a cotton candy eating contest by ripping the stick out of the cottonball and jamming the whole thing in her mouth. Meanwhile he's over there trying to daintily eat around the stick with a relatively amateur corn-on-the-cob vertical eating technique. PROTIP: eating contests are no place for daintiness. Like unclogging a toilet before your bathroom is flooded with shitwater, you get in there and do what you've gotta do. Man, I should be a life coach. "You ARE my life coach, GW." That's fantastic news -- now bring me lunch, it'll build character.

Keep going for the video although there's really no reason because the gif is the whole thing. I guess maybe if you wanna watch it with volume.

Thanks to moeses, who agrees you have to be creative in eating contests. Think outside the box. Hell, eat the box -- whatever it takes to win. Remember: second place is just a stomach ache and no trophy.

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