Intense: Video From An Eating Contest Where Contestants Eat 16 Progressively Hotter Peppers

March 30, 2018


Seen here during round nine (red habaneros, 450,000 Scoville Heat Units), this is a video from the 2015 University Of Bath Chili Eating Contest, in which contestants ate sixteen progressively hotter peppers (provided they successfully ate the previous one and weren't disqualified), beginning with weak-ass green jalapenos (~3,000 SHUs) and ending with some face-melting Carolina reapers (1,569,000+ SHUs). The final round is a speed round between the two remaining contestants to see who can eat both a peach ghost scorpion pepper and ghost pepper the fastest, although the guy concedes before either even takes a bite. Their poor anuses. :(

Keep going for the video, but feel free to skip around.

Thanks to Dunc, who informed me he could have eaten all those peppers at once AND gone back for seconds. I have heartburn even thinking about it.

  • Nicholas Conrad

    But... how do lactose intolerant people celebrate their chili eating victory/loss?

  • All that for bloody only £50?! What a crock ;(

  • Gilbert

    I was hoping that the cute ginger would last longer...

  • Talon184

    Well, in Whoville they say - that the Pepper-eaters' sphincters grew three sizes that day. And then - the true meaning of agony came through, and each pepper-eater dropped a duke the size of *ten* Grinches, plus two!

  • shashi
  • Meh

    I wouldn't be able to finish the first pepper. Sweet chili is too hot for me honestly.

  • Munihausen


  • SaltySeaman

    I'd have been a dick and faked like I was gonna do the last one, and not done it so my competitor would suffer.

  • Fartbutt

    My heart hurts

  • Bling Nye

    Play this in the background

    So.... strategy wise, would it be better to chew as little as possible? Asking for a friend.

    Also, this seems like one of those Pyrrhic victories... I mean, is melting your butthole's o-ring really worth it?

  • GeneralDisorder

    I disagree with your song choice.

    Or since this seems to have been in the UK...

    I think they had a rule that you had to chew the pepper or be disqualified. If there wasn't such a rule the best way to avoid the burn is rip the stalk off and swallow it whole.

    If you have to take bites chew as little as possible because the capsaicin is throughout the flesh of the capsicum fruit. Less chewing means releasing less of the volatile stuff.

    I don't think it'll matter the next day (or perhaps in a couple hours when your digestive tract goes from normal function to purge mode).

  • Irina Abramovich

    I do this but with dildos washed with progressively hotter pepper oils.

  • Irina Abramovich

    As long as you're happy i'm happy!

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    and what does hubree think about that?

  • Irina Abramovich

    Hubree is a 9 lb. kitten -- he thinks about eating tuna and like chasing after mice.

  • TheQiwiMan

    I hereby amend my previous comment. I'll try anything* edible at least once.

    *unless it causes severe pain in my mouth. F that S right in the A.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I like spice. But spice has to come with flavor. I've tried this "hottest sauce ever" which wasn't all that hot and it had basically no flavor. Imagine pepper spray on your tongue but like cheap shitty pepper spray that's only sort of spicy not like searing agony. It didn't live up to the hype on the bottle.

    I've also tried some other sauce advertised as hottest something something and it was allegedly 1 million scovilles or something. That had flavor and was very difficult to consume more than a few drops at a time.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Why do you do this to yourself?

    Who hurt you?


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