Ingenuity: Man De-Ices Windshield With Aerosol Can Fireball

March 26, 2018


Because ice scrapers aren't for everyone (some people were actually born unable to produce elbow grease), this is a video of a Winchester, England man de-icing his windshield in the morning using the ol' aerosol flamethrower trick. I assume the dude filming is either friends with the guy, or this guy does this every morning because how else would he know to film him? The guy even looks up a couple times gives him a friendly finger at one point. Regardless, I admire this man's outside the box thinking, especially since that outside the box thinking involves fire, which always scores bonus points when I'm judging. Take Olympic 10-meter platform diving for example. I don't care if you do a cannonball, I'm still scoring you higher than the athlete who performs a flawless 3.5 somersaults in the tuck position but chose to dive flameless.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Read Easy, who agrees there are very few things fire can't solve.

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