Impressive Looking Augmented Reality Street Fighter Game

March 15, 2018

This is a video demonstration of the multiplayer augmented reality version of Street Fighter II (aka Real World Warrior Edition) built by game developer Abhishek Singh. Obviously it looks like the controls and player moves have been simplified, but the potential is there. Personally, I can't wait till I can settle disputes with friends with a match of augmented reality Street Fighter II instead of the usual pistol duel. I'm a quick draw, and I'm running out of friends.

Keep going for the whole video, complete with bonus stage at the end.

Thanks to Pavel, who settles disputes with rock-paper-scissors. I used to do that, but I can never stop myself from yelling out what I'm about to throw.

  • steve holt

    Howdy GW! Good to be back after a long silence. How's tricks? Where's quiwi man and atheist girl? Good to see General Disorder here

  • steve holt

    awwwwwwww shucks.
    (hangs head, kicks rock, blushes on cheeks).

  • Doog

    I missed you Steve.

  • steve holt

    I missed you too doog.

  • shashi


    jk, welcome back to the box, hows it going out there? Did Obama get a third term?

  • steve holt

    this made me literally lol. yeah, the 3rd term was not the charm.

  • PUNX

    okay now I don't have to pay the local bums so I can see a fight in the streets whenever I want

  • shashi

    another industry disrupted

  • Doog


  • Andrew

    VR is cool. But IMO AR is going to put the Vive and Rift to shame.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Interesting. Now I want to see Augmented Reality plus deepfakes porn. Looking forward to it. Have AI scan people's bodies, gait, and features and then digitally remove their clothes.

    Alright, I just scared myself.

  • Bling Nye
  • Geekologie

    You just scared everyone

  • GeneralDisorder

    Good point. I'll put my mask back on.

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