High Winds Cause Collapse Of Nine Stories Of Scaffolding From Building

March 13, 2018


Note: Volume down, high wind right in phone's mic.

This is a video of the scaffolding on one side of the Amerock building in Rockford, Illinois collapsing due to high winds during its renovation into an Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center. Wind: it will f*** your shit up. Just ask my friend Dorothy. "Best trip I ever had." Bad example. Oooooh, I like those slippers -- where'd you get them, anyway? "Found them on a dead body." Jesus, what the hell's wrong with you? *whispering* You didn't happen to notice any other bodies with cool shoes, did you?

Keep going for the video, but remember: low volume.

Thanks to my buddy Ricky D, who agrees this never would have happened if they installed a giant fan blowing wind in the opposite direction.

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