Hidden Valley Ranch Creates $35,000 Ranch Bottle To Celebrate National Ranch Day

March 12, 2018


This is one of the two $35,000 Ranch bottles commissioned by Hidden Valley Ranch to celebrate National Ranch Day, March 10th (I didn't know March 10th was National Ranch Day but I still had ranch because I have ranch everyday, sometimes three times). It contains over 75 carats of diamonds and sapphires, complete with 18-karat white gold accents and cap. One of the bottles Hidden Valley is keeping, but the other they're giving away to a lucky Twitter user who follows Hidden Valley and retweets this tweet of theirs by May 19th although I just retweeted it from all of my personal Twitter accounts and the bottle is as good as mine. "Just how many personal Twitter accounts do you have?" Zero, I plan on stealing it.

Keep going for a closeup of the bottle's neck.


Thanks to v, who agrees there's no way ranch can't taste better out of a $35,000 bottle.

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