Gymnast Performing A No-Hand Seated Backflip

March 9, 2018


This is a video of gymnast Brandon Burns performing several seated backflips without using his hands to push off the ground (although he is performing them on mats for some bounce and to prevent him from breaking all his toes on landing). The human body is amazing, isn't it? Except mine, mine's junk and I demand a refund. "No refunds." Come on God, at least hook me up with an extra arm or something. "Do you really want an extra arm?" Not really, no. "Admittedly I did short-change you pretty bad, what do you want?" A hug. "Consider it done." From the Grim Reaper.

Keep going for the video while I leave a Youtube comment bragging about how I've caught more air off the toilet before.

Thanks to Christian, who wants to see a laying down backflip with barrel roll next.

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