Game Of Thrones Characters In The Style Of Disney

March 22, 2018


These are a bunch of illustrations by artists Fernando Mendonça and Anderson Mahanski of Combo Estudio imagining Game Of Thrones characters in the style of Disney animated movies (a few of their first one previously seen HERE). As far as things like this go, I felt like these were all very well executed (particularly when viewed in higher resolution like the ones HERE). Maybe you disagree. Maybe I don't care. You know I do though, I just want us to get along and like the same stuff. God, would it kill you to hold my hand and take me to the movies sometime? "Um, what?" Why do you hate me? "You sound like a Tinder date from hell." I don't do Tinder, I invented a new dating app called Marinate for relatively low-grade meats mates with rough exteriors who take a lot of time and effort for someone to really learn how to love. It's worth it in the end though because the relationship is that much more flavorful. "Is it though?" I've never matched with anyone.

Keep going for ten more.











Thanks to K Diddie and becca b, for reminding me I should totally start watching Game Of Thrones this weekend while my parents are out of town and can't tell me what I can and cannot see.

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