Flag Waver: A Website Where You Can Make Any Photo Wave Like A Flag

March 22, 2018

Flag Waver is a website I just spend entirely too much time on making every possible flag I could think of. You just provide the URL to a photo online or upload your own and BAM, it's waving in the breeze like a tube man at a used car dealership. I started off designing my own pirate flag, then went through a long phase of NSFW designs, then started thinking about what I want on my country's flag when I eventually defect and start my own nation (which also included plenty of NSFW design elements), then I made this one to use as the image for the article. "Your thought process is fascinating, GW." My therapist said the same thing when I saw her yesterday! "Did she?" No, she threw her voice to sound like the secretary and said the office is closed.

Thanks to Pistachio, hands down my second favorite nut behind donuts.

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