Finally, A Decent PC Building Simulator Game

March 29, 2018

This is the launch trailer for PC Building Simulator (available on Steam HERE), a $20 gaming simulator in which, you guessed it -- you build your own PCs (it's actually surprisingly in-depth as you buy components, build, diagnose, and repair PCs on your way to developing your own computer repair enterprise). They've even teamed up with a bunch of real-world hardware manufacturers so you're putting real make-believe components in your computers. The rabbit hole: I think we've reached the bottom of it. Obviously, I'm going to build the sickest gaming rig that's ever existed, then print out a giant picture of it and tack it to the ceiling above my bed between the Ferrari and Vanna White posters. It's my vision board.

Keep going for the promo video.

Thanks to Floaty, who plans on building a simulation of his existing computer, then using that simulation to build a simulation of it, and on and on forever until the end of time, which will probably be pretty soon.

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