Dungeons And Diabetes: Tabletop Gaming Dice Sets Made Out Of Sugar Candy

March 26, 2018


These are the candy tabletop gaming dice sets made and sold by Etsy shop SugarAndDiceCrafts. They're available in two dice sizes, regular ($15/set) and mini ($8/set), and each includes one each of seven dice: a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 and a d100 percentage die. You also get to choose a base color, as well as a secondary glitter color. In the seller's own words while I eat a regular d20 because I had a dream my teeth were made out of diamond:

These dice are made of Isomalt sugar and edible.

Either as a hard candy bonbon or dissolved in a hot cup of tea or coffee.

All Dice are gluten-free and Vegan, in case you are wondering.

They are not perfectly shaped on all sides, which is why I do not recommend on using them for rolling, because one side is always a bit wonky.

Obviously, the wonky side is from the open end of the mold that was used to produce the dice. Of course you could probably produce your own edible dice provided you know how to make sugar candy and have dice molds, but what would be the purpose -- to open your own candy dice Etsy shop? *immediately opens CheapestCandyDice Etsy shop* Now -- who knows how to make candy? "Step inside my van." Willy Wonka?!

Keep going for a bunch more examples.







Thanks to Luc, who agrees it's going to be hilarious when I give a friend a couple candy dice to eat, followed by a regular one.

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