Burger Flipping Robot Starts Work, Put On Break After Two Days Because 'Humans Can't Keep Up'

March 13, 2018


Flippy, an industrial robotic arm capable of grilling and flipping up to 2,000 burgers a day (previously discussed HERE complete with video demonstration) began work at a Pasadena, California based Cali Burger restaurant, only to be put on indefinite leave two days later because his human coworkers couldn't keep up with his breakneck burger producing speed. Plus I heard he tried to grill one of their hands after-hours.

While Flippy held up its end of the deal, the restaurant is short of humans to prepare the patties for the grill and then pile on the lettuce and other fixins', said Anthony Lomelino, chief technology officer for Cali Group. For now, there's no robot for those tasks.

The robotic arms of "Flippy's Kitchen" is still on static display at Caliburger. The stage where patrons would normally line up for a peek was dark when USA TODAY visited Thursday, and there was little sign that Flippy would be coming back, but just when was "TBA" -- or to be announced. The restaurant was operating without the robot using its regular, human-run kitchen.

Wow, so you paid $100,000 for a robot that only worked two days. That's a solid investment. Maybe not as solid an investment as paying $4,000 for the contents of a storage unit somebody stopped paying their rent on, but let's just say I'll never have to go a day without another stained mattress my entire life.

Thanks to K Diddie, who agrees you ain't shit unless till you can flip a burger over your shoulder and catch it on a paper plate behind your back.

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