Bathroom Sinks That Look Like Record Turntables With Tone Arm Spigot

March 29, 2018


This is the series of turntable inspired sinks designed by Gianluca Paludi for Olympia Ceramica. The sink basin looks like a vinyl record, the spigot looks like a tone arm, and the two knobs control water pressure and temperature. Plus there's a Bluetooth speaker in the wooden cabinet behind those little holes so you can play your music wirelessly while you're scrubbing your hands and still wondering if one of your fingers snuck around the wad of toilet paper when you were wiping and accidentally grazed your bare anus. It happens.

Keep going for shots of different colors and configurations while I speculate how much the equalizer mirror costs, and if the lights actually move to the music.







Thanks to Erik H, who agrees this is the perfect sink for letting all your friends know you care more about vinyl than they do.

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