An Officially Licensed Scrabble Tile Mechanical Keyboard

March 16, 2018


This is the $160 officially licensed Scrabble mechanical keyboard (with Cherry MX Brown switches) available for preorder from crowdfunding site Massdrop. The keyboard is the brainchild of Cassidy Williams, who was apparently able to secure the licensing rights from Hasbro "after relentless cold-calling." PERSEVERANCE.

if you've got a mechanical keyboard kicking around that you'd like to convert, you can get the $47 keycap set instead

for an additional $40, they'll include a Scrabble tile-bag loaded with 100 keycaps to match a standard Scrabble set, so you can play an actual game with keycaps.

Cool, but I really want a keyboard with keys that look like all the buttons on my microwave. Obviously, the popcorn button would be the enter key. Man, more computers should have popcorn buttons. AND a call flight attendant button.

I used to love playing Scrabble, but that was before I realized my parents were letting me get away with playing words that aren't really words. Now I try playing with a friend and they're all, "Zerbert isn't a real word." And then what am I supposed to do? "Play a different word." Exactly, fight the to the death for my honor.

Thanks to Lydia, who agrees it's only a matter of time until the Word With Friends keyboard.

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