An AI Powered Pokédex That Identifies Pokemon Through Your Phone's Camera

March 8, 2018


This is a short video demonstration of DeepDex, an artificial intelligence powered Pokédex for Android phones (links to download page) that uses neural networks to identify a Pokémon through your device's camera. In the creator's own words while I hit up a bathroom stall for a Squirtle and a Snorlax:

Whether you spot a Pokémon on TV or in real life [i.e. stuffed animal, toy, sticker, etc), DeepDex will tell you which it is in an instant! It accomplishes this with the power of AI and neural networks, all running on your phone!

Expect predictions to get better overtime and new generations to be added.

What a time to be alive. One day I'm Googling 'the Pokemon that looks like a sad drooling blueberry wearing a flower hat' (Gloom) and the next I've got an artificial intelligence Pokédex that will just tell me what it is if I take a picture of it. Exciting times. "You tried your penis didn't you?" From multiple angles! (Diglett, Medicham and Sudowoodo)

Thanks DeepDex, I've already been artificial intelligence Pokédexing for thirty minutes with no end in sight.

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