A Stark Trek The New Generation USS Enterprise Bluetooth Speaker

March 9, 2018


This is the $80 Star Trek: The Next Generation USS EnterpriseNCC-1701-D Bluetooth speaker available from ThinkGeek. In addition to being a Bluetooth speaker, it also has LED lights and plays sound effects (engine hum, torpedo blast, warp acceleration, "Incoming transmission", "One minute to auto destruct", and an engine noise emulator that plays when there's no music, up to an hour before auto-shutoff). As far as novelty Bluetooth speakers go, it's definitely not the worst I've seen, and would definitely make the perfect gift for a Star Wars fan when you insist it's the Millennium Falcon and don't they just love it?!

Keep going for a couple more shots and a weird video.



Thanks to K Diddie, who's convinced the next big innovation will be Purpletooth speakers, which I already have two storage units full of ready to ship.

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