A 15-Foot Tall, 8,000 Pound Exoskeletal Suit Made For Racing

March 30, 2018

This is a promo video for the Furrion Prothesis exoskeleton, a giant 8,000 pound mech that was designed for mech racing and not for punching through the wall of an enemy's house and stomping them like I would have expected. That's a shame. The exoskeleton's battery lasts about an hour and the unit can allegedly do 20MPH and jump 10 feet high, although there's no evidence of either one of those claims in the video. I feel like if your mech can really do 20MPH and jump 10 feet high, you'd want to show video of that. Now I'm no expert (yes I am too and you know it), but that thing looks like it would be lucky to do 5MPH, and ever have all its limbs off the ground at once. Tell me I'm wrong. "You're not." What? "You're not wrong." Mark the calendar!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to speakerbox, who agrees that's a hell of a questionable design for a mech built for racing.

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