3M Unveils Extreme Post-It Notes That Are Water, Heat And Cold Resistant

March 9, 2018


These are the recently introduced Post-it Extreme Notes, Post-its that are water resistant and stay stuck to almost all surfaces including wood and brick through the rain, cold or heat (although they can't be applied to already wet surfaces). What took so long? You can get a 3-pack of 45-sheet pads on Amazon for around $5. Granted I'm sure these will come in handy for a lot of people who need weather-resistant Post-its, but I don't, I just need the one I have stuck to the bottom of my computer monitor with all my passwords on it.

Keep going for several examples of extreme Post-it usage including hot water pipes that should probably get marked with something a little more permanent than a paper rainbow.





Thanks to hairless, who informed me he's going to stick up a bunch of extreme Post-its in the shower for when good ideas come to him when he's lathering up.

  • GFTW

    Great, Post It To-Do Notes in the shower. :P

  • Post-it note clothes!

  • Michael Knight

    shit, looks like they are going to have to make a sequel to garden state....

  • MaidoMaido

    I need these for my underwater kanban board ASAP

  • Bro Jones

    how do you take it off?

  • The_Wretched

    They had this "tech" forever. This is about extending their patent control beyond all decency.

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    are you saying they kept it a trade secret until now and are just now filing and publicly disclosing/selling?

  • The_Wretched

    more or less
    "submarine" patenting is a little more complicated though.

  • bustedgiveadamn

    so... duct tape?

  • GeneralDisorder

    If you really want a good solid label you could just write on duct tape.

    Regular duct tape is pretty good but Gorilla Tape is god damned legendary. I haven't used the Nuclear Reactor tape (which is the same price as Gorilla Tape) but I wanted to label my trash can (shitty neighborhood) and didn't have any spray paint so I put bright green duct tape on it and wrote the house number on the tape. Well, the tape started to peel off then I took black gorilla tape and put it around the edges... that was 8 years ago. The trash can has never been indoors although it doesn't get rained on directly.

    Still... green duct tape is faded, shitty, and bubbled up from the years of weather exposure but the gorilla tape is unfazed.

  • TheQiwiMan
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