You're Both Idiots: Road Rage Incident Takes Surprising Twist

February 21, 2018


NOTE: Check your volume, the videographer's play-by-play is screamy.

This is a short video from Oceanside, California of two tough guys road-raging out on each other. Personally, I could have taken both of them, but I drive a monster truck and that's not a fight you want to pick. In the videographer's own words:

"First I was recording just because he was swerving into the left lane. But as you can see it did take a crazy turn. I cannot believe I witnessed such a crazy accident. Just because he was mad he wasn't able to cut someone off. After the incident, the convertible man took off about 15-20 feet, then parked, and decided to walk back. I was so scared and nervous, I drove off as safely as I could."

As funny as it is to watch these two idiots, I'm pretty sure the driver of the Jeep was trying to kill the man when he came at him with his vehicle. That, or he can't pass a stopped car for shit. Whatever the case, I hope these two were both charged and required to take turns giving each other sensual massages until they fall in love.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to MSA, who informed me this tip came from watching television at a bar during pre-dinner cocktails. VALUABLE INFORMATION.

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