What A Time To Be Alive: A New Board Game That Incorporates Amazon's Alexa

February 20, 2018


When In Rome is a new board game from manufacturer Sensible Objects that incorporates Amazon's Alexa into the gameplay (including explaining the rules, keeping score and asking trivia questions). The game itself costs $30, but you'll also need an Alexa device if you don't already have one, or are in the habit of buying things that you don't understand like my Uncle Craig (he once bought a Garmin GPS thinking it was an iPhone, I shit you not).

The game is pretty simple. Players sit around a world map, and each places their marker on a "home city" to start.

Players then travel around the map to various major cities. As your marker enters each city, Alexa asks you questions about that city's weather, customs, food, culture, and more.

Players earn points by answering questions correctly. The player with the most points at the end wins. You can also forgo points in favor of action cards, which you can deploy to sabotage other players in various ways.

Admittedly, I do love trivia games. Still, I remember a time when you didn't need an internet-connected electronic personal assistant to play a board game (and could continue playing even if the internet went out). Do you remember when that was? "Better times." Those really were the days, weren't they? If I knew how bad things would get I would have ended the world when I had the chance. "You had the chance?!" Sure did -- I was pen-pals with a giant asteroid in college but when he mentioned he'd be passing through the area and asked if he could crash at my place I told him it was probably best to just keep going. "Very believable." Trust me, I regret it. "Just how dumb are you, GW?" Oh I'm way past the level cap.

Thanks to Chelsea, who agrees now flipping the table when you lose just got more expensive by the cost of an Amazon Echo.

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