Video Of A Human Artist And Artificially Intelligent Robotic Arm Sketching The Same Bust Simultaneously

February 14, 2018


This is 'Way To Artist', a short film created by TeamVOID starring a human artist and a robotic arm armed(!) with an artificial intelligence system (still better than being armed with a rocket launcher) sketching the same polygonal style male bust at the same time. *shrug* Should have been a nude.

Without a word spoken, film loudly questions the role that artificial intelligence has within the creative process by putting the robots to the test.

the emergence of artificial intelligence has some believing that artwork could be created by robots. In connection with this, the work involves drawings executed by a robot and a human, each with different drawing skills. In the process, it reconsiders the general meaning of the drawing activity.

Yeah I don't know about any of that but what I do know is I just painted a picture of a robot using condiment packets I found in the break room. Well, what do you think? "It has a ninja sword in its back." And? "And you're pushing it into a volcano." Somebody call the Louvre, tell them $10 million is cool but they have to supply their own frame.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to DL, who agrees the only purpose of robotic artists is creating perfect forgeries.

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