Video Of A Human Artist And Artificially Intelligent Robotic Arm Sketching The Same Bust Simultaneously

February 14, 2018


This is 'Way To Artist', a short film created by TeamVOID starring a human artist and a robotic arm armed(!) with an artificial intelligence system (still better than being armed with a rocket launcher) sketching the same polygonal style male bust at the same time. *shrug* Should have been a nude.

Without a word spoken, film loudly questions the role that artificial intelligence has within the creative process by putting the robots to the test.

the emergence of artificial intelligence has some believing that artwork could be created by robots. In connection with this, the work involves drawings executed by a robot and a human, each with different drawing skills. In the process, it reconsiders the general meaning of the drawing activity.

Yeah I don't know about any of that but what I do know is I just painted a picture of a robot using condiment packets I found in the break room. Well, what do you think? "It has a ninja sword in its back." And? "And you're pushing it into a volcano." Somebody call the Louvre, tell them $10 million is cool but they have to supply their own frame.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to DL, who agrees the only purpose of robotic artists is creating perfect forgeries.

  • Bling Nye

    I don't think this is as deep or philosophical as the film makers wish it was; I get the impression they managed to get access to the robot for whatever reason and came up with this short film as a reason to use it. It seems like a college film class project, I'd give it a C-. Isn't the robot just basically an expensive printer at that point? It's just replicating the image it "sees". What would happen for example if someone stood in front of the bust? Or removed it and put their own face in its place halfway through? I think they could've gone much farther with this.

  • Northwest Photography

    What the robot did was not art. It did not make creative decisions it took in data from contrasts and reproduced the values onto the paper. At the very beginning of being an artist that is all you are doing to build the skills of shading, perspective, and color but once you have those skills you can begin to use them creatively. Also, the images that a robot creates will have no meaning infused in them. A lot of the art that we interact with in a day to day basis is created solely for purpose of advertising. That is the kind of art a robot could make but when it comes to creative self expression AI is a long long way from doing that.

  • Daniel Holstein

    I agree with most of your assessment. But how far away is AI from creative self-expression, really? You claim that AI is "a long long way" from being capable of creative self-expression, but I don't think we have a good handle on what creative self-expression really is. (As in, what really happens in a mind, made of cells and action potential, that leads to self-expression?).

    The robot is doing more than you claim, too. It is also, in most likelihood, able to perceive its progress in its drawing. It is making a self-assessment. I'm betting that its self-assessment is pretty straightforward. But I can imagine a not-so-distant future in which the robot would be able to detect errors in its drawing, and to decide to correct or incorporate those errors as it drew. Aggregate these errors and decisions, and that robot is getting pretty darn close to self-expression, in my opinion.

  • Northwest Photography

    Well, that is somewhat my point. The human brain is still a new land for us to discover so what are the chances that we will be able to create and AI that closely resembles the full ability of a brain in the near future.

    What that robot is doing is little more than what a scanner printer does. It has a camera, it looks for values of contrast and matches those contrasts of the paper. There is no self expression or any kind of expression at all. It is a one for one copy of what it sees. Unless you consider programming so be a form of self.

    If a robot looked the model and then made the choice interpret what it saw and, with out human influence, purposefully invents its own style (like humans have with cubism, abstract, minimalism etc.) then I would say that it has an autonomous self.

    The robot does not choose to draw. We turn it on and run a program that we have written for it. It did not teach it self to draw, it did not have a desire for expression (which is why humans created art). That is no more than an expensive copy machine that has less of a sense of self than a Tardigrade.

  • Bling Nye

    Algorithms mimic creativity easily these days. Images created by a robot can have as little or as much meaning ascribed to them as the eye of the beholder chooses.

  • Northwest Photography

    But does meaning begin with the creator of the art or the beholder of the art? Can AI find meaning or express meaning in what it created?

  • The_Wretched

    The human just bails @80% of the way?

  • Meh

    What a shitty video, they don't even show the results side by side.

  • Video is garbage. It cuts back and forth to them starting and being halfway done, but neither finish? WTF?

  • TheQiwiMan


    Talk about frikkin blue balls. What a cock tease!

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