Unreal Amateur Footage Of The SpaceX Falcon Heavy's Dual Booster Landing

February 8, 2018


Note: Sonic booms at 0:28, keep your speakers in check.

Okay so this will PROBABLY be my last SpaceX Falcon Heavy post until Elon's Tesla gets smacked by an asteroid, which is unlikely because it now appears its orbit will stop short of the asteroid belt. Still, a boy can dream. This is some beautiful amateur footage of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy's simultaneous booster landing in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The core middle booster, which was supposed to land on a drone barge in the Atlantic, missed its mark and crashed into the ocean at 300MPH after some of its return engines failed to ignite. Can't win 'em all. Also I probably could have combined this post with the earlier post of the car rattling but I decided against killing two birds with one stone. I like birds, I don't even want to kill one. Besides, they speak to me. "What do they say?" Come fly with us, GW -- open an window and come flyyyyyyy. "And what floor are you on?" The third. "I think you should go for it." Right?! Hold my beer.

Keep going for the video.

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