Trippy: The Sound Of Skating On Super Thin Ice

February 12, 2018


This is a video of Mårten Ajne skating on the 45mm (~1.7-inch) black ice covering Lissma Kvarnsjö outside of Stockholm, Sweden. PROTIP: turn your volume up or it's just a silent film of a man ice skating around a frozen lake.

"Wild ice skating," or "Nordic skating," is both an art and a science. A skater seeks out the thinnest, most pristine black ice possible--both for its smoothness, and for its high-pitched, laser-like sounds.

But like, isn't skating on thin ice exactly what they taught us all not to do? And now that I know how cool it sounds it makes me want to do it even more. Long story short when I fall through the ice and die it's all Mårten Ajnefault. "Stop blaming other people for your own stupid actions." You of all people should know that's just part of who I am, mom.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Mcdabe, who can skate on water that isn't even frozen, so there.

  • Doog

    It sounds like a metallic support rope about to break, which should honestly make anyone hearing it quite uncomfortable.

  • GeneralDisorder

    "Best done in groups"... so that you don't die alone.

  • isabella

    @TheQiwiMan like is this coincidence or...? lol

  • Doog

    This is some Meta Botness right here.

  • helene hayden

    @TheQiwiMan like is this coincidence or...? lol

  • minervaw

    Humans will always find some really cool, interesting way to kill themselves.

  • sebastian

    @@theqiwiman:disqus like is this coincidence or...? lol

  • GeneralDisorder

    Spammers copying comments. I don't get the point but surely there's some kind of neural network gathering intel.

  • shashi

    feels like we're witnessing the green shoots for a massive campaign of malevolence from some new iteration of the spambots. Entire comment sections will be subsumed into their shenanigans and we the people will have no option but to sit back in awe of their technical mastery, forced to exchange opinions and inane conspiracy theories the old fashioned way. Carrier pigeons

  • Doog

    God I hope you're right there's nothing better than communicating to other Patriots using good ol Carrier Pigeon. I couldn't tell you how many times I've sent a letter using one that mentioned 'Sheeple' or 'SHTF' or 'Steel Beams' or 'Chemtrails'.

    Oh wait, yes I can it's zero.

  • shashi

    maybe start with a carrier rat and work your way up to pigeon

  • Doog

    My theory is that they copy comments to try and garner 'upvotes' to later sell the accounts.

  • Wait... I've got plenty of upvotes. Who do I "sell" to?

  • Doog

    Okay, so I was actually completely joking but after you asked this I Google'd it and found a site selling Disqus accounts. I don't really want to post a link to the site and in anyway promote this stuff (unless they purchase my account also).

    Unfortunately they sell 100 accounts for 50$, so you aren't going to get rich anytime soon.

  • So you are saying the last 8 or so years of commenting are worth.... 50 cents?


  • Doog

    You'll be rich in no time!

  • Chris Lev

    I replied to one the other day and my response got deleted as spam.

  • Ollie Williams

    I've been marking them as "Impersonation" and blocking them.

  • Munihausen

    This is indeed a privileged pastime.

  • Wooder

    sounds like me at work :(

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