Transforming Table That Turns Into A Shelf

February 27, 2018

This is the SWING table/shelf designed by the EVE Collection and available from German Smart Living. It transforms from a table to a stairstep style shelving unit to a regular style shelving unit and looks perfect for breaking things. It's available in five different finishes (plus a suitable-for-outdoor model) and costs around $740. For reference, you could probably buy both a table and shelving unit for less. "But that wouldn't transform." Not everything has to transform, Optimus. "Yes it does too." What about that boat you made out with at that party? "She said she was an Autobot." And? "She was just a boat." And? "I knew it all along." You owe me $10.

Keep going for one more shot of the unit's three natural states and the full video while I speculate whether this is a talf or a shable.


Thanks to Lydia, for reminding I still have a broken wine glass to clean up in the kitchen before I find all the pieces with my feet.

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