The World's Smallest Solid Black Or White 'Pure Hell' Jigsaw Puzzles

February 19, 2018


These are the 1,000 and 2,000 piece 'Pure Hell' jigsaw puzzles manufactured by Beverly of Japan (available for ~$20 - $34 on Amazon). The puzzles, which are made up entirely of micro-sized pieces for extra difficulty, are available in pure white or black and measure a scant 26 x 38cm (~10 x 15-inches) for the 1,000 piecer and 40 x 50cm (~16 x 20-inches) for the 2,000. It says they're recommended for ages three and up although I can't imagine a three year old doing anything but eating the pieces. Same goes for my dog. Translated item description:

Please do beginners Never buy. The world's smallest 2000 piece puzzle. You must have great spirit!

- Difficult!
- Small!
- Please do beginners Never buy.

So they're for ages three and up but not for beginnners, got it. You know I remember when I was in my early teens I was super into jigsaw puzzles and bought one of the "world's most difficult" at the time and it was a double-sided circle puzzle with the same solid blue on both sides. It was DIFFICULT. I wonder whatever happened to that puzzle. "You set it on fire." I burnt that impossible bastard to a crisp!

Keep going for one more shot.






Thanks to Jess, who agrees the best puzzles are found in Monkey Island point-and-click adventure games.

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