The View From Inside A Guitar With Oscillating Strings And Beautiful Landscape Backgrounds, Part Two

February 15, 2018


This is Stringscapes, Vol Two from musician Alan Gogoll (previously: Vol One), which features the view of the strings oscillating from inside a guitar as Alan performs with some beautiful blurry landscapes in the background. It made me wish I was on vacation. Honestly, it made me wish a lot of things. If only my desk stapler were a magic lamp -- life would be so much better. At least 10%, right. I mean it would have to be. "Stop rubbing it like that." It's my stapler and I can rub it however I want. *sensually slips my hand under the handle AND POUNDS A STAPLE INTO THE SKIN RIGHT BETWEEN MY THUMB AND INDEX FINGER* Haha, I bet you weren't expecting that! "Jesus!" Now I wish I hadn't done that. "And I wish I hadn't seen it." And just like that we're down to our last wish.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Luc, who wants to know what the inside of a flute looks like when it's played. Well my guess is amazing.

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