The SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch, Starman Riding Tesla In Space, Simultaneous Dual Booster Landing

February 7, 2018


These are videos of the successful SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch (skip to around 21:45 of the first video -- CG sure has come a long way since the moon landing), live views of Starman (the mannequin who's supposed to ride a Tesla Roadster in orbit around the sun for hundreds of millions of years provided he doesn't meet a rogue asteroid -- which may very well happen since it overshot its original trajectory of being in about the same orbit as Mars and is headed towards the asteroid belt), and the successful landing of two of the rocket's boosters simultaneously. Apparently it was a good day to be Elon Musk and SpaceX. Or just a human in general, because it's comforting to know some people still care about space. Sure you and I will probably never live on another planet, but that doesn't mean in the future two parents won't launch their child into space to prevent it from perishing with the rest of the doomed planet. "Like Superman?" Who's Superman? I'm trying to envision the future here.

Keep going for the three videos.

Thanks to everyone who still gives a damn about reaching for the stars.

  • Gilbert

    No matter what, Elon Musk, with this launch, will have people talking about him and this roadster for years to come...

    I know, that if nothing else, my dad, who is about as anti SciFi as they come (such a Luddite), is talking about how he launched his car into space, and some of the inevitable comments about it: Can he claim it on his insurance, is it something that can be claimed, why, and so on...

  • Wyldstaar

    Shouldn't the song Radar Rider from the Heavy Metal soundtrack be playing, rather than Starman? Sure, David Bowie is more iconic, but if you're going to steal an idea straight from a movie, steal the soundtrack along with it!

  • Bling Nye

    My first thought too, I loved that scene in Heavy Metal.

  • If you look really closely you can see the dashboard has a tiny Hot Wheels Tesla Roadster with a tiny Starman sitting in it. Musk talked about it in the Press Conf last night.

  • Closet Nerd

    The rockets taking off was really great.... the booster landing is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
    Holy Flurkin Schnitt!

  • Frédéric Purenne

    The two booster landing at the same time is the stuff of movies, video games cinematics and sci-fi books... Nothing is usually as complexe and executed with such grace in the high-technological world. I'm floored.

    It's a shame the core booster crashed.

  • The booster's landing and the side view of Starman became my work desktop immediately after the launch. Watching it made me think we're closer to the Civ: Beyond Earth game than I'd thought :D

  • Jason Christopher

    I loved all of the nods to Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy (copy of the book in glovebox, "Don't Panic" on the dash, maybe a towel in the car?)

  • bluecheesedressing
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