Ten Minutes Of A Guy Experimenting With Firecrackers And Gasoline

February 16, 2018


This is a video of Youtuber The King Of Random experimenting with firecrackers and gasoline. Ideally he's hoping to get firecrackers to explode in a pot of gasoline and eject fireballs out the top. Things don't go according to plan and most of his attempts end with the firecrackers drowning in the gasoline and never exploding. I wish I wasn't so lazy and unmotivated and I could be making all this Youtube money. But I am lazy and unmotivated so I'll just left complaining online how I could have done a much better job (which I absolutely could have). I'm like an amateur pyrotechnics expert. I'm so well-renowned the city contacted me right before their big fireworks show last Fourth Of July. "What did they say?" Sir, you aren't supposed to be here, please back away from the fireworks.

Keep going for the video, but definitely skip around (first decent result isn't even until 4:45).

Thanks to Dom, for inspiring me to start filming myself whenever I'm experimenting with fire on weekends.

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