Teamwork: Minnesota Man Teams Up With Friend In India To Make An Earth Sandwich

February 21, 2018


These are the screenshots of Minnesota native Lee St. John teaming up with Subash Luitel, a new-found friend in India, to construct an earth sandwich. I wonder what it tasted like. "Probably rock and magma with a dirt and seawater crust." Mmmm, stop teasing me I haven't had lunch yet.

Four hours ago, I had a dream. That dream was to make a sandwich out of the entire Earth. Tonight, my dream comes true.

Update: Operation Earth Sandwich is a Success

Much respect to my new friend in India Subash Luitel

Well, after using this online app to see where a hole punched directly through the earth would lead, it looks like the other half of a Minnesota earth sandwich would be in the middle of the Indian Ocean between Australia and South Africa. Still, it looks like they did get the longitude pretty close. So I guess their earth sandwich just had one piece of bread sort of slipping off the top. "Like a sandwich made with avocado after taking the first bite." Exactly.

Thanks to Wendy H, who agrees my God did that smell good.

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