Sick Graphics: Every Best Animated Feature Oscar Winner

February 23, 2018


With the Oscars just a couple weeks away (I already put my tuxedo t-shirt in the hamper to make sure it gets washed in time, which it probably won't), this is a video of clips from all previous Best Animated Feature winners (beginning in 2001 when the category was instituted), as well as this year's nominees. Surprisingly, I've actually seen every single one of these movies (except all of this year's nominees). That's rare for me. "Do you want a cookie?" Do you have any donuts? So, which one is your favorite? They're all so good. I had forgotten Spirited Away won. I'm probably going to watch that one again this weekend. Also, $100 says The Incredibles 2 wins the category the next four years.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Christina C, for letting me into her Oscar betting pool by Venmo-ing her $200. Weird she's not responding to me emails anymore though.

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