Real Products That Exist: A Clear, Conductive Shower Curtain With Pockets For Holding All Your Phones And Tablets

February 28, 2018


This is the Screenholder shower curtain, a $25 transparent shower curtain with exterior pockets of various sizes and vertical and horizontal orientations for holding your phones and tablets. Obviously, they're perfect for sexy cam shows. Oh me? I'm just in the shower washing my hair. What am I wearing? Tehehe -- full body armor obviously you have to be ready for anything. Plus it's conductive so you can still use your devices. What a time to be alive! "I can hear you chewing your cyanide capsule." It'll all be over soon.

Keep going for a couple more shots including one of a sexy cam show in progress.






Thanks to Galactica, who agrees the most important pockets are the ones at the very bottom for when you're just laying in the shower contemplating life for hours on end.

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