Optical Illusion Makes Two Identical Side-By-Side Photos Look Different

February 7, 2018


This is an optical illusion that makes two identical, side-by-side photos of a road look like the roads are actually converging towards the bottom (and diverging at the top). *yelling at brain* I thought I told you to stop playing tricks on me!

In reality, all of the lines making up the complicated brick pattern on the roads in each photo all run perfectly parallel to each other, because they're the exact same photos. But as a result of the angle and perspective of the photo, the road appears to converge at the bottom, leaving your brain to assume that for this image to plausibly exist, the two paths must diverge off into the distance.

Personally, I didn't actually think the two roads looked like they were converging at the bottom, but that's just me and I have EXTREME VISION. "You have a wonk eye." I know, it's just part of what makes me, me. "And do you like all the parts that make you, you?" Nothing except for the wonk eye.

Thanks to Peter J, for reminding me to embrace my differences.

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