Old Man Shocked To Find Out He's 98 Years Old

February 9, 2018


Note: Some awesome old man swearing. I suspect he may have been a sailor.

This is a video of Youtuber Pinball Wizard's father finding out how old he really is. Apparently he stopped counting birthdays a long time ago, which must have been a REALLY long time ago because his first guess is that he's 79. Isn't it kind of important to know how old you are? I mean like, for doctors and stuff? He at least knows he was born in 1919, did he never bother doing the math in the last half century? Not that I blame him, I hate subtraction. Also, not to brag or anything, but I'm going to turn 860 this August. "You're not an undead warlock." I AM SO.

Keep going for the video while I practice yelling at kids to get off my lawn.

Thanks to JD, who agrees you're only as old as you feel and I feel dead.

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