No Thank You: Developers Make Augmented Reality Girl From The Ring Crawling Out Of Television

February 23, 2018


Note: First video contains screaming, keep your volume chill.

These are two videos from two different developers who used Apple's ARKit to make an augmented reality Sadako/Samara crawl out of a television, just like in The Ring. Pretty clever/terrifying. Now if I could just sneak this into the hands of my girlfriend when we're watching our shows one night, that would be great. She'd probably hit the ceiling. Then smash the television. Thank goodness I purchased the two year warranty from Best Buy. "No, you bought Playstation games instead." Honey, quick -- give me back the phone. *screaming, ceiling fan and electronics breaking* Fudgebuckets!

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to Tank and n0nentity, who are no strangers to jump-kicking televisions.

  • Andrew

    AR will overtake and destroy VR one day soon.

  • kodama

    Am I missing something? The girls don't have any special glasses or anything, so they shouldn't be seeing any of the augmented reality bits.

  • Doog

    So much talent, so much vertical video...

    Though maybe this only works when the phone is held vertically for some reason.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Lazy animator didn't want to add a "turning left" animation so the slow walk forward lerping left looks so amateurish.
    -3D Art Critic, now going back to smugly smelling my own farts.

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