Meanwhile In Australia: Kangaroo Takes Out A Bicyclist

February 2, 2018


This is a video from the world's deadliest continent of a small kangaroo taking out a bicyclist while trying to cross the road. The cyclist, identified as Rebecca (I know a Rebecca but she goes by Becca!), was traveling around 18MPH on a country road in Queensland when she was struck. Unfortunately, unlike the kangaroo, Rebecca failed to land on her feet.

"She was released from hospital that afternoon, with stitches in her knee and her right arm in a sling, for the shoulder-injury from the kangaroo's impact"

"Within a day she was having a rueful laugh about it all and worrying about the work days she will miss."

Honestly, I don't blame Rebecca for worrying about the days she'll miss from work, I would be too. "That sounds very unlike you, GW." I know, but I don't live in Australia where absolutely everything outside an office building is trying to kill you -- she's fearing for her life.

Keep going for the video, complete with slow-motion replay.

Thanks to JD, who agrees this is exactly why you should constantly ring your little bike bell so they kangaroos know you're coming.

  • Keith Gibbons


  • shashi

    just going for a nice bike ride to destination fucked

  • Nicholas Conrad

    Oh what, not following the rules of the road, crossing against the flow of traffic like they own the place, and fleeing the scene with total disregard for the destruction they leave in their wake? Well guess what, that's how normal people feel about bicyclists! How do YOU like it?!?!

  • Dao

    I have some helmet-cam footage of myself getting taken out by a kangaroo in my dirt bike in the bush. It’s a relatively common occurrence here in Australia! The roo didn’t even care, didn’t hurt it at all, it just stopped and looked at me on the ground and hopped off like nothing had happened. Kangaroos are ace!

  • Whiskey Brothers

    Rueful. Roo-ful. I see what you did there.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Freakin Australia. Even the CUTE wildlife wants to kill you.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Deer will fuck your day up. Usually they just run away but if you corner one you might die. They have sharp hooves and a strong kick.

  • Jenness

    I've said this a bunch of times but think God put all the criminal psycho animals there too and it's like the world's prison for murderous and criminally insane wildlife and humans.

  • Dao

    Koalas give you chlamydia.

  • Nicholas Conrad

    I sincerely hope you mean Koalas give *each other* Chlamydia...

  • Dao

    You’d think that and you’d hope that, but they piss in your mouth and give you chlamydia. Koalas are assholes.

  • Bling Nye

    "Crikey, deewn't troy t' fuck th' koalas mate! Ayn if yeh cain't keep yeh pecka off em, yews a jimmy sock on yeh pecka! Also, th' lil' fuckas like et whehn yeh choke em out a bit, eh!"

    *cracks and swills warm Fosters*

    "Welcome t' th' outback boyo! Fuck et b'for et fucks yoo ayy alwhays sayd! Ehhs yowah naym nawt Bruce? Mind if we cawl yeh Bruce t' keep et cleah?"

  • Jimmy sock - awesome 😂

  • Dao

    That’s actually the best Aussie voice I’ve ever seen written down, and it has made my day!

  • Bling Nye

    Haha, thanks, I blame Monte Python and watching the Man from Snowy River a bunch as a kid. Gotta love a good brumby. Cheers

  • TheQiwiMan

    Even if you wear a condom??????????????????????

  • aldenscott

    "Tie THAT down, mother f---er!!!"

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