Man Spends 300 Hours, 3,000,000 Dots Drawing This Stunning Portrait

February 13, 2018


This is a video of artist David Bayo working on a piece entitled 'Astrée', which he estimates took approximately 300 hours and 3,000,000 tiny stippling dots to complete. That is a lot of dots. Like, a full 12.5 days worth. I doubt I'll ever spent that much time dotting in my entire life, and my full name has 127 lowercase i's and j's in it. Or at least it did before I had it legally changed. "To a penis doodle?" My name is not Penis Doodle. "No, like a drawing one." Oh, yes. Unfortunately now it takes even more time to sign my name because I take my autograph very seriously. "Fascinating." It took me four days to sign my last lease, they almost gave the place to somebody else.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Christina C, who agrees it would be even more impressive if each dot was actually a tiny smiley face.

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