It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood: Mister Rogers Honored With A USPS Forever Stamp

February 14, 2018


The United States Postal Service has just announced it will be releasing a Mister Rogers Forever Stamp on March 23rd to celebrate his legacy and the contributions he made to the lives of so many children (myself included). Obviously, I'm going to buy a lifetime supply (about forty) so everything I mail from now on will be sent with kindness, love, and caring. Heck yeah, Mister Rogers -- MISTER ROGERS IS FOREVER. Just like Wu-Tang, who is also for the children and will hopefully receive their own stamp one day.

Thanks to Charlotte, for reminding me I should totally spend a solid hour watching old Mister Rogers' Neighborhood clips on Youtube in a bathroom stall instead of going to that 'mandatory' staff meeting.

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