Handicapped Man Gets To Ski For First Time Since 15 Thanks to Virtual Reality

February 7, 2018


This is a video of former skier Evan, who's been in a wheelchair since the age of fifteen, getting to ski again thanks to a virtual reality team at his school, The University Of Nevada, Reno. You will absolutely cry. In Evan's own words:

I haven't skied since I was 15 years old. You made me feel like I'm walking. This chair is my...is my friend. But it's also nice to be out of it for a while.

Well if that isn't the most beautiful thing I've seen in a while I don't know what is. Maybe there's hope for virtual reality yet. Still, I wasn't expecting to be crying in a bathroom stall at work this early in the morning. Usually I can at least make it to lunch. "Usually?" On Fridays.

Keep going for the heartwarming video.

Thanks to Jenness, who hopes Evan gets to hit the slopes again soon.

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